Selling a motor vehicle online

I recently sold a motorcycle via online classifieds. It was a learning experience - more accurately a re-learning experience. I’ve sold motor vehicles privately before and encountered many of the same things - it’s just that I do it so infrequently that I forget the tricks and the traps!

What follows are some thoughts and advice to my future self, when next time I go to sell a motor vehicle:

A real life example of a problem buyer:

Him: “hey, can you deliver to [town name]?” (place 2hrs away from where I live!) Me: “No, sorry” Him: “ok, what’s your bottom price seeing as you won’t deliver” Me: “I’d be happy with $X” (my listed price minus a bit, nowhere near the bottom) Him: (proceeds to ask 100 questions about the bike) Me: (answer politely) Him: “hey, I don’t have a ramp to load the bike. Do you?" Me: “sure no problem” Him: “OK, I’ll offer you $Y…” (lower, but still reasonable) “including the ramp” Me: “I can do $XY…” (half way between X and Y.) “including the ramp” Him: “I’m offering $Y. You sure you still want $XY?” (LOL!) […time passes…] Him: “I’m in another state (News to me! Turns out the place he mentioned earlier was just the half way point.) which means the registration is worthless to me. I’m offering $Z (silly low ball) and that’s my final offer” Me: (sigh) “The price is $XY minus the registration component, take it or leave it” […crickets…]