Connecting to Internode with OpenWRT

Australian ISP Internode does not officially support OpenWRT.

I recently connected HFC (hybrid fibre coaxial) with NBN & Internode. To get it working I needed to tag VLAN 2 on the WAN interface. Using the Luci web interface, navigate to Networks -> Switch and set the dropdown to Tagged next to VLAN 2 under WAN. Then setup the WAN interface like a standard PPPoE with <username> for the username and my account password.

Update 12th Feb 2021: if you’re not using Luci web interface or the option is missing, you can achieve the same by editing /etc/config/network and setting the ‘wan’ interface ifname option to be e.g. eth1.2 where eth1 corresponds with the WAN physical interface and .2 signifies the VLAN. Then reload the config with service network reload.