17 Jun 2020, 00:00

Sam Harris & Trump

NOTE: work in progress

Sam Harris is a brilliant thinker, and has an amazing ability to articulate his thoughts to a broad audience. I should say I’m no expert on Harris’ past work, having never read his books and only ever listened to his podcasts posted to Youtube.

Most recently I listened to his ‘Making Sense’ podcast entitled ‘Can We Pull Back From The Brink?’. He methodically works through the issues surrounding the recent George Floyd protests, police brutality, and the enduring problem of race relations in America. Throughout this podcast Harris makes commentary on Trump which I found really jarring in the way it contrasts with Harris’ usual calm, rational approach. He calls Trump names such as ‘unhinged’ and ‘crackpot’ which I find puzzling and a little unsettling. I’m no fanboy for Trump. Trump is a boastful, self-promoting, egotistical bully. At the same time, I’ve seen nothing in his words or behaviour that would make me think he is literally crazy.